The Rabbi's Words

the 613 commandment in the Torah is "" 
 the Rambam wrote that the obligation to write a Torah scroll rests with every child of israel. By buying and being a part of the writing its as if you wrote a entire Torah. A Torah isnt whole if even one letter is missing or there is even a mistake between a smalll letter or a big one

Therefore,The Otiot Hatora company is very meticulous in all monitoring of the writing of the Torah scroll by a scribe and not only that but it also goes through thorough check by a very advanced computer to make sure that everything is up to par before being entered into a synagouge

In conclusion, it seems that we can only rely on our father in heaven to hasten the coming of the Mashiach who will teach us the holy Torah and return its glory fast in our days . Amen 

צור קשר

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