About Us

Otiot Hatora is a organization with experience and knowledge in holy and sacred work, Otiot Hatora buys as well as writes Torah scrolls and then donates them to a synagouges in need across israel

These holy Torah scrolls are written by selected scribes with a vast amount of understanding and experience in writting Torah scrolls  

The Torah scrolls are written on parchment that is Kosher to the highest standards ,they have a special certifacation from a elite group of rabbis in Bnei Brak who are experts in the actual writing of Sifrei Tora , this highly trained group of rabbis check Mezuzot and Tefillin as well as Torah scrolls

The letters and verses written in the Torah scrolls are sacred therefore, the letters and verses that each individual chooses will be recorded forever

, A special computer program that includes all 5 books of the Torah will scan the letters and verses from the letters of your name and the names of your family members and will forever be comemorated as a merit for you and your family
Everytime the Torah will be read from you and your family will be blesses not only in the world but also in the world to come

By purchasing the letters and verses, from the holy torah you will have the merit of being blessed by the grave of the lubavitcher rebbe a list will be sent for the prayer for health, hapiness,livlihood,children and any other request you may have

:each cutomer who purchases letters will recieve the following
  • a certifacate with the letters chosen for the customer from the verses and details showing the place of each letter
  • the date which the torah scrollwill be donated to the synagouge
  • tax invoice/reciept after payment 

צור קשר

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